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               Meet Our Team !!

Team Work

Carolyn Robert

Owner / Designer

Carolyn Robert has been a practicing IT professional for over 35 years. She resides with her husband, 2 dogs, 8 cats and 3 horses on a farm in northeast Georgia. Personally, she enjoys horseback riding and crafts. Professionally, web design and programming are her passions.

Carolyn believes that every business must have at least a minimal web presence to thrive in this digital world. Many businesses can afford high priced web design firms that create complex websites, but many cannot.

Carolyn wants to provide the opportunity for micro and small business owners to gain a professional web presence including basic maintenance for an affordable cost.

Susan Head

Owner / Designer

Susan Head has been an IT professional for  25+ years. She has worked in such diversified areas as mainframe operations, Disaster Recovery planning, and distributed systems administration. A graduate of the University of Alabama (B.S.-Biology), Susan enjoys the outdoors, gardening, and her canine children.

Susan believes that every business, big or small, can struggle to keep up in this complex technology driven world. She is passionate about making a web presence easier (and affordable) for micro and small businesses so they don’t get left behind.


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