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Welcome To Our Simple Place

Are you a micro or small business
in need of a Web presence ?

(Guess what — every business needs one!)

Your potential customers look more and more to the Web to find what they need.

Find out Why and How Many!


Just need a simple website
so your customers can find you?

Too busy running your own business
to learn and publish “free sites”?

Let Simply Peachy Designs
be the answer for your business!

Find our Our Mission!

Premium Designs

At Simply Peachy Designs,

we serve

the micro and small businesses

who want a web presence

……but cannot pay premium prices.

We will work with you
to build your site

and get you listed
on the major search engines.

Local Searches

Customers are looking
for local businesses like yours online
…what will they find?

85% of consumers are searching
for local businesses online…
but only 63% of small businesses have a website.

Where are you?

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Let Simply Peachy Designs help you
get out there, get found, and get customers….
simply and affordably!

Mobile Ready

Is your site “Mobile” compatible?
Why does it matter?

As of 2014, 58% of American adults
have a smartphone, and 42% own a tablet.

Every month, 30% of those used their phone
to decide whether to visit a business, like a restaurant (Pew Research).

Businesses without a website
and those not mobile compatible
are simply fading out to their consumer….
becoming invisible.

Get your site “Mobile” today.

Call us. Let’s get going…

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Affordable Prices

We will build your site, host the site

and execute regular maintenance

all for a flat rate.

We also offer individual ala carte services for existing websites.

Having a web presence CAN be afforable and can get your micro or small business more customers.

With us….getting your simple website up and going will be…well….Simply Peachy


Our Mission

We strive to serve
the small business community
with quality professional work
at affordable rates.

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Our Team

At Simply Peachy Designs,
our designers have each been
in the IT world for 25+ years.

Their experience
and professionalism
will translate to
a smooth design
experience for you.

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Our Rates

We offer flat rate packages
that include
design, hosting and maintenance.

We can also tailor
our rates to your
needs for existing websites.

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Our Sites

Visit some of the sites
we created and support!

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Call or email us today!


Ready to get started?
Let Simply Peachy Designs help get your business on the web now!